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Company Profile

In 1997, after more than 30 years in the cleaning industry, the team decided to established Cleaning Services 2000 Pty Ltd to provide a service with a difference, a service tailored to each individual business needs.  Since then our Western Australian owned and operated company has  grown to become one of Perth’s leading suppliers of commercial cleaning services.

With Quality Assurance ISO: 9001 certification, Cleaning 2000 consistently delivers cleaning services to the highest standards. The company currently employs cleaners, managers and supervisors.

Company Philosophy

“We believe that delivering on our promises reliably and consistently and moving heaven and earth to achieve them are demonstrations of our commitment to the customer. This commitment is long-standing and deep, and is the focal point of our mission statement.

Our number one priority is to earn customer loyalty by delivering value for money. To this end, we want the customer to recognise us as not just a good service provider but also as a partner, collaborator and visionary. It is this focus that has enabled our company to enjoy steady growth on a sound financial basis.

We also believe in taking a pro-active role in the development and promotion of the cleaning profession as a credible industry. For example, we were among the first companies to introduce waste recycling, quality assurance, equal opportunity and occupational health and safety systems.”

Leo Jusuf
Cleaning Services 2000 Pty Ltd

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance

Cleaning 2000 is totally committed to quality. To achieve this objective, we have embraced the internationally recognised Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS is structured on, and meets the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9002:1994 ‘Quality Systems – Models for Quality Assurance in Production, Installation and Servicing’.   Cleaning 2000 is proud to have attained Quality Assurance ISO:9001 Certified Systems. Contact us for our full Policy.  

Environmental Policy

Cleaning 2000 Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the environment. We conduct our operations in compliance with the principles of our Environmental Management System (EMS).

In providing essential cleaning and related services to customers, we strive to continually improve our environmental performance. We seek to engage customers, employees, the community, and stakeholders in determining our environmental priorities, and in balancing the environmental, economic and social aspects of our operations.

At Cleaning 2000 we:

  • Manage our operations in way that minimises pollution, prevents degradation of the environment, and moves towards the sustainable use of resources by fostering a culture of continual improvement
  • Only utilise cleaning equipment and products, which meet our objective of sustainable use of resources, minimises pollution and prevents degradation of the environment.

Contact us for our full Policy.

Occupational Health & Safety

Cleaning 2000 is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all persons. It is the policy of our company to give the highest priority to the protection and safety of its employees, retailers, visitors and contractors.

In order to achieve this objective, we have in place an Occupational Health, Safety and Injury Management System.

Implementation of this policy and system ensures:

  • Information, training and supervision is provided to all employees
  • Hazards and risks are identified in the workplace
  • Safe work procedures are developed and implemented
  • The policy is communicated to all employees
  • OH & S awareness is increased amongst our employees

Contact us for our full Policy.

Quality Policy

Cleaning 2000 Cleaning Management’s commitment to matters of quality and adherence to AS/NZS ISO 9001 is essential for the long term success of Cleaning 2000 - its competitive position, its reputation, its profitability as well as achievement of both client and employee satisfaction.

Management objectives are:

  • To ensure that the client's expectations and needs are satisfied and/or exceeded measured through the customer surveys and site cleaning inspections.
  • To ensure that all cleaning services provided are correct and to the satisfaction of the client measured through the customer surveys.

Contact us for our full Policy.

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